LETTER: Court system needs a rocket

May 15th, 2018 / / categories: 江苏夜网 /

WHAT right has the Family Law Court to order the physical removal of four young girls to their father in Italy when all of them want to remain with their mother?
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These girls, whether their mother kept them in her care against orders, have openly stated that they would prefer to remain with their mother rather than return to Italy.

The Family Law Court has decided that they do not have a say in where they can continue their schooling and grow up in the care of their mother and maternal grandparents.

The whole court system needs a rather big shake-up.

We have supposedly learned people in all of our court systems making decisions that to me seem totally inconsistent to what should be the penalties of crimes committed.

In my opinion, some sentences handed down by magistrates do not seem to fit the crime. A person convicted of drug offences may receive a harsher sentence than a person convicted of manslaughter.

If, for argument’s sake, a person gets behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and drives at an excessive speed resulting in the death of another, why should they be granted leniency because they say they are sorry or did not remember what they were doing?

I refer my original gripe about the system back to the four young girls who openly state that they do not want to return to Italy: How can the Family Law Court rule against their desires and become judge and jury?

Ask a number of our local police force how they feel when they work tirelessly to bring criminals to justice only to see some of them released with a slap on the wrist – and to return again after committing a similar misdemeanour.

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