AM I missing something? The previous state government and, it seems, this one, are focused on creating more motorways, freeways and tunnels to channel more and more cars into Sydney.
Nanjing Night Net

These programs are going to cost billions of dollars. It seems to me that this is a waste of the government’s relatively scarce resources.

We are in a position at the moment where oil and its products are becoming more and more expensive as it becomes more difficult to obtain.

Our society has reached a point where we are prepared to risk our precious water supplies to obtain coal seam gas to continue on our fossil-fuelled lifestyle.

Oil and gas are both finite resources, and it appears our reserves are considerably less than the total amount we have used since the introduction of the motor car.

This is indicated in the price of petrol. By my calculations, it was about $0.09 per litre in 1972 (40¢ per gallon) and about $1.50 per litre in 2012. This equates to a 1670 per cent increase. If prices continue to rise at the same rate, we can expect to pay in excess of $8.50 per litre within five years.

We are running out of petrol, but well before that happens the price will be too high for the majority of consumers to afford. In the not-too-distant future we won’t be able to afford petrol to run our cars.

Our elected representatives need to start planning. Public transport infrastructure development should be the main aim of our governments, both state and federal.

We need high-speed rail links between all our major cities.

Public transport hubs should be designed and incorporated into the system to ensure all our residential centres are serviced by fast, efficient, co-ordinated public transport.

The Sydney-centric thinking of our politicians has to be eliminated and a state-wide and indeed Australia-wide policy has to be adopted.

Petrol-driven cars are not the way of the future. Electricity is the key.

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